The Lasting (Plastic) Impact

In case you didn’t know it, we’re at war. The enemy isn’t North Korea, Iran or Al Qaeda. In fact, the enemy isn’t even a human. It’s not the Martians, the Klingons or the Galactic Empire. No; the enemy is what your milk comes in. We – the enlightened West – have declared war on plastic.


The Salt Taste Test

I really enjoy cooking. It’s not that I’m especially good at it, but I enjoy experimenting, producing something a bit different and, hopefully, edible. One discovery that completely changed the way I cook was sea salt, first introduced to me in Paris by Jacques Rivron

That’s a lot of days since 21 July 1977…! 

Just for fun, here’s a list of 40 of some of the best or most interesting things I’ve experienced. They’re not achievements (please spare me from being that vain) and, by and large, they won’t specifically mention other people….

So, in no particular order (other than the first one!), here are 40 highlights that come to mind now (the list might be different next week!):

1 Getting…