The thought process that saw us land in Bergamo went something like this: find somewhere on the map west of Lake Garda, but not too far west; don’t go as far as Milan; somewhere fairly central to other places would be good; ooh, we’ve heard of Bergamo! And that was that! Bergamo was supposed to be a quiet wee base for three days, but it turned out to be so much more than that…



I suppose that for most people, the person who introduced them to the city of Verona is William Shakespeare, but not for me. For me, it was Lars Preben Elkjaer, a star striker for the Danish team that took the early part of the 1986 World Cup by surprise – and by storm. Elkjaer played for Verona at the time, and as a football-crazy kid that piece of useless trivia found a permanent place in my head.

The ’40’ Pitstop

Before: nerves, questions, cautious excitement. Will people be relaxed? Will they enjoy it? Is there anything we’ve planned that’s going to flop?

After: delight, relief, instant memories. People were relaxed, positive and in great spirits from beginning to end. Everything we planned seemed to work like a dream. And, just like that, the three days we had spent eleven months planning, passed.