The Problem With The Bible

In church on Sunday evening, Ian MacLeod preached from John chapter 8 and verse 12, “I am the light of the world”. It’s a well-known verse, and one I’ve heard preached many times, but as Ian spoke something struck me: there’s a problem with the bible.


Shopping Trip! 

I made an unplanned day trip to Inverness today, sans better half, but she came up with the ingenious idea of ‘advising’ me before I left of some clothes I apparently need. So, obediently following orders, I found myself doing one of my absolute least favourite things: shopping for trousers. Jeans, to be precise. And, oh, the problems that caused…

Being last… and winning

Last weekend, I experienced something which I don’t recall experiencing before in the 25-odd years it could have happened: I was last out of a few hundred people. It wasn’t a cause for concern, frustration or embarrassment (which, given my slightly competitive nature, might come as a shock); it wasn’t because of any failure on my part; and it wasn’t planned. It wasn’t hugely significant, and I’m sure it didn’t even register with a single other person in the place. Nevertheless, it was important.


As a football fan, Milan has been on my radar for many years. Players like Baresi, Maldini, Gullit and Van Basten were amongst the best players I’ve ever seen and played for AC when they were an absolute powerhouse. But with age comes the realisation that European cities are about a bit more than just their football teams!

That’s a lot of days since 21 July 1977…! 

Just for fun, here’s a list of 40 of some of the best or most interesting things I’ve experienced. They’re not achievements (please spare me from being that vain) and, by and large, they won’t specifically mention other people….

So, in no particular order (other than the first one!), here are 40 highlights that come to mind now (the list might be different next week!):

1 Getting…


The thought process that saw us land in Bergamo went something like this: find somewhere on the map west of Lake Garda, but not too far west; don’t go as far as Milan; somewhere fairly central to other places would be good; ooh, we’ve heard of Bergamo! And that was that! Bergamo was supposed to be a quiet wee base for three days, but it turned out to be so much more than that…