That’s a lot of days since 21 July 1977…! 

40, eh?! The number of days and nights it rained during Noah’s flood; the number of years Israel wandered in the desert after leaving Egypt;  the number of days Jesus was on earth after His resurrection; the number of years I’ve been around (how did that happen?!); and a fraction of the number of reasons I have to be thankful.

Just for fun, here’s a list of 40 of some of the best or most interesting things I’ve experienced. They’re not achievements (please spare me from being that vain) and, by and large, they won’t specifically mention other people. Experiences are fantastic, but it’s the people – family and friends – that are the main highlights of my life. However, I don’t think any of those who mean something to me would appreciate featuring – and there’s no need, anyway. I hope they know.

The other thing that can’t be excluded is my faith in God. I am blessed to have become a Christian at the age of 14, and although I let Him down every second of every day, God has never let me down and He has provided me with family, friends, work, opportunities, experiences and so much else. In fact, everything on this list is ultimately a gift from Him.

So, in no particular order (other than the first one!), here are 40 highlights that come to mind now (the list might be different next week!):

  1. Getting married to Chrissie (that’s the exception to the ‘no people’ rule!)
  2. Niagara Falls – seeing them from above, from the river and from behind
  3. Dinner at Windows by Jamie Kennedy overlooking the Niagara Falls
  4. St Kilda
  5. Yosemite National Park
  6. The Grand Canyon
  7. Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon
  8. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge
  9. Having lunch in the Eiffel Tower
  10. Gondola ride in Venice
  11. Being involved in our school 40th Reunion earlier this year
  12. Paris by night. Beautiful to see it lit up, and made even better by our wonderful guide, Jacques, who we miss so much
  13. Being part of a school exchange group in Pendleton, South Carolina
  14. Eating at Haar, Murdo Alex MacRitchie’s incredible pop-up restaurant. His earlier venture, Sùlair, is also worth a mention
  15. Watching Manhattan from the top of the Rockefeller Building
  16. The historic Roman baths at, well, Bath!
  17. Versailles
  18. Buckingham Palace
  19. Seeing The Lion King in London’s West End and Amazing Grace on Broadway
  20. Watching a baseball game in San Francisco
  21. Driving down Lombard Street, also in San Francisco
  22. The Smoky Mountains
  23. The view from the top of the CN Tower (Toronto)
  24. Seeing my parents meet their relatives in Canada (Thunder Bay and London), people they’d never met before
  25. Meeting a complete stranger in Roanoke, Virginia, and hearing her amazing story connecting her to Lewis
  26. Eating at Mary Mac’s Tearoom, Atlanta
  27. Following the ‘Lighthouse Trail’ in Cape Breton
  28. Martha’s Vineyard
  29. Nantucket
  30. Eating seafood in Cape Cod
  31. Visiting Fingal’s Cave and Iona
  32. Manhattan – everything about it
  33. Washington DC – ditto
  34. The opera in the Verona Arena
  35. Enjoying the beaches and sea of Majorca
  36. Visiting World War 1 cemeteries and memorials in France and Belgium. The town of Ypres, in particular, stands out
  37. Wandering around the Louvre
  38. Las Vegas!
  39. Reading the Chronicles of Narnia, again and again and again
  40. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville

One thought on “That’s a lot of days since 21 July 1977…! 

  1. The list almost reads like “Anne’s bucket list”…. I’ve eaten Murdo Alex’s food, and I’ve done Niagara – twice, and both were amazing for slightly different reasons…. I’ve seen Paris but, erm, can’t say I’m longing to return. Loved London a hundred times more!
    Done Washington DC, and toured the White House. Amazing. I hope I’ll be able to go again. No desire to visit Las Vegas, and not sure I could do the WW1 sites…. I could hardly bear the Civil War sites we visited. Agony. But so many others on here I’d absolutely love to see. Smoky Mountains. Nashville. Any number of visits to Canada wouldn’t be too many.
    Oh, and you’ve totally sold Italy to me over these past days!


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