Choices, Choices

Planning a holiday is a funny thing; the world is so full of interesting places to go, it can be really hard to decide where to go. Beach holidays are fairly easy to plan – locate [enter random island or resort] on map, visit [enter whatever the last holiday company you saw advertised] website and, a few minutes later, you’re off to Kenny Froggan’s for the factor 72.  (Disclaimer: sun block is available at other shops, and they would have been mentioned if they sponsored the blog; in the absence of a relevant sponsor, the venerable KJ MacDonald’s gets dragged into this!).

Road trips are a lot trickier. We threw around various ideas for this year’s holiday, including Germany and Croatia. Then we thought we could do a mad dash and visit tiny slivers of 4 countries. But eventually we settled on Northern Italy, and even then, our final itinerary is very different to the draft one we started with.

How do you do justice to a place in the space of two or three weeks? Do you focus on one small area and do everything possible there? Do you choose a region and try to capture the feel of the locale? Or do you aim for spending a few days in a number of places and hope to catch some of the highlights (and unheralded gems) in each place? If there’s a correct answer, let me know!

We’ve gone for the third option (kind of) simply because there are so many places to explore and so little time to see them all! But hopefully we’ll get a good taste of the northern part of the country.

But even when that was decided, the problem with Italy (I’ve never been and Chrissie had a cold-filled week in Milan many years ago) is that every city, town and even village we looked up had something to commend it. History, architecture, natural beauty – it looks like Italy is packed with all three.

Anyway, the plans have been made, the anticipation levels for the food and gelato are sky-high and the Italian adventure is about to begin. So, to (almost) quote the great Bill Belichick – ‘it’s on to Venice’ for us and the Harris Tweed passport cover!


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